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CrossFit 8848 is a world-class crossfit in Sandringham, Victoria

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  • Welcome to the Coaching Team Brittany

    Big CF8848 welcome to Brittany, our newest addition to the Coaching team. We’re very excited about the wealth of experience she brings to CrossFit 8848.   I have been involved in CrossFit since 2008. Originally from the USA, I have been a professional basketball player in Europe for 6 years. CrossFit has allowed me to […]

  • Monday Motivational

  • 7 Key Points for Success in your Training

            1. Consistency – To achieve results you need to be consistent with your training. Have a routine and make training become a regular habit.   2. Balance – You can’t out train poor nutrition. You can smash multiple workouts a day however if you don’t get enough sleep every night you are […]

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